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Since its inception, Saksham has considered Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) a crucial component of the programme, as it enables accountability, learning and effectiveness. Moreover, the GFATM, being a performance based grant, makes it legally binding on all Global Fund grantees to develop and implement a Performance Framework.

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The M&E framework has been developed in an online system called E-monitor, through which Principal Recipient (PR), TISS is able to collect and analyze data from partner institutions, assess progress against the stated time-bound objectives and desired outcomes. Furthermore, it is geared to consultations with NACO for collection, sharing and utilization of the national programme data.
The M&E Team:
The M&E team at PR implements the M&E plan for Saksham with active support from the SRs and SSRs. The PR holds a supervisory role in monitoring and evaluation for the entire programme, while the SRs extend support and supervision to the SSRs. Capacity building of partner institutions has helped in making e-monitoring possible.
e-Monitor M&E Link

Routine Data Quality Assessment and Data Verification

The M&E team at PR has institutionalized an activity called Routine Data Quality Assessment and Data Verification(RDQA/DV).This activity is a stimulation of the regular LFA review and On-site Data Verification activity(OSDV) that LFA takes up.The activity focuses on Correctness, Completeness, Timeliness, Reporting and management of the data and documents at the SR/SSR level staff to address problems identified.

During this activity a M&E team member from PR visits SR or select SSR, and SR team member visits SSR and checks all the documentation of the all events/activities conducted by the program partner during the specified reference period.The activity has immensely helped SSRs/SRs and PRs over the period.The institutes who have undergone the RDQA/DV visits and were also visited by LFA as part of review or OSDV were found very well prepared for the external assessment.The activity has helped PR to achieve highest (A) rating in all the OSDVs conducted so far.

Successes in M & E

  • Saksham team shared the online system with TGF team through Webex in November 2011
  • On 12th July 2011, Andreas Tamberg, Fund Portfolio Manager, South and West Asia, TGF, visited Saksham and made observations regarding Saksham's online grant programme database in an open letter to all PRs in India, "... The Global Fund welcomes the chances to access this online system with a view to improving the timeliness and accuracy of information exchange with the PR, possibly including online PU/DR submission."
  • The Global Fund rated the GFATM R-7 counselling component grant as "A1".
  • The programme in Phase-I is successful in delivering against set targets and has even delivered beyond expectations, (without compromising the quality of work)

Challenges in M&E:

  1. Some partner institutes need to put in extra efforts to be on par with the others
  2. SRs have to play an important role in damage control
  3. To minimise errors in data reporting and to utilize data analysis from M&E for strategizing appropriately.

Financial Management System:
e-Monitor FMS Link

A sophisticated, user friendly financial management system which links all 38 institutions real time, is an integral part of Saksham. The commitment is to use all its given and potential resources efficiently, responsibly, and with integrity. Saksham is accountable to NACO, GFATM, CCM, LFA and all direct and indirect stakeholders of the programme.

In order to simplify the diversified activities for achieving the common objective, a common online accounting system, called the Financial Management System (FMS), has been developed.

This FMS package is invaluable to Saksham partners as it has the following components:-
  • Procurement Management System
  • Asset Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Advanced Accounting System
  • Multipurpose Reporting System
  • Advanced Payroll System

All partners are using the FMS for all finance and accounting purposes.

The Financial Management Team:

The primary role of the Finance team is to check that the consistency between the budget and the work plan and indicators, is maintained. It also provides financial reports to the funding partner and seeks periodic disbursement of grant funds. The Finance Management team has developed a Users' Manual with the idea of making FMS easy, simple to understand and implement.

Internal Auditing System

An Internal Auditor visits SRs and SSRs and affirms adherence to uniform accounting practices as well as procurement procedures. Similarly the Internal Auditor checks and guides the partner teams regarding the appointment of staff and other Human Resource policies

Regular Audits

Saksham programme undergoes regular audit exercises annually. These are:
-Local Fund Agent (LFA)
-Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

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